Prelisting Consultation

It starts with a conversation.

Our services start with the relationship. We meet with you at your home in person to understand your specific and unique reasons for selling, your goals, and your expectations so that we can ensure a successful experience. 


Set Apart Staging

Highlighting the best parts of your home. 

Getting your home ready for market is a critical step to a successful real estate selling experience. This is when you set yourself apart from the competition. Many agents and clients skip this step because they lack the expertise, do not want to invest the additional time or money,  or simply do not prioritize it. However when this step is overlooked, the house does not show “its best self” and is at higher risk to sit on the market longer with a smaller financial return for the client. 


As an added value, we employ a staging expert on our team who will tour the home and provide a detailed, customized staging guide with specific recommendations for each room. These recommendations are not meant to be pricey or time consuming - suggestions may be as simple as decluttering a space or adding a small pop of color for curb appeal. We also have the expertise and industry relationships to assist you with larger projects you may want to complete in order to make your home stand out. Our goal is to help you invest the minimum amount possible for the largest impact. 


Additionally, we maintain staging inventory for our clients that can be utilized to draw interest and add appeal throughout the home. We have curated items that we know work well by drawing attention and highlighting features of the home in just the right ways!


Marketing Analysis & Strategic Pricing

Getting you your return on investment.

We believe the real estate industry is based on facts and data. How to interpret these numbers on a hyperlocal level--while taking into consideration past, present, and future trends--is what makes strategic pricing a skill, and one that requires expertise. As your listing agent, we will walk you through our analysis and competitive pricing recommendations so that you can make an informed decision with peace of mind that you are getting the most return on your investment.


Advertising & Marketing

Setting your home apart.

Our goal is to cast a wide net and maximize exposure on digital platforms, social media, and through our agent networks in order to generate serious interest from qualified, ready-to-go buyers. We utilize a professional photographer whose images will immediately set your home apart from the competition online. 


Negotiating, Contract, Next Steps, & Closing 

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